Be a Vendor


We are currently looking for a variety of local vendors who would like to participate in our Central American and Mexican themed Food & Drink Marketplace, at the 17th Annual Homes, Gardens & Music Tour! Flex your creative chops and make some money doing it, at this charitable and fun social afternoon event for foodies.

VENDOR FEE ($50-$150)
We want our vendors to make lots of money at our ‘foodie’ marketplace! Our vendor fee is 15% of your total marketplace sales, up to a maximum of $150, with a minimum fee of $50. 

Horizons of Friendship volunteers will handle all Sample Ticket sales at the door, and vendors will be responsible for keeping all ticket stubs from your sample sales, so that you can redeem your marketplace sales (minus the vendor fee), at the end of the event.

Vendors may prepare as many Food or Drink Samples as you like, as long as the variety offered fits within our Central American and Mexican theme! Recommended pricing for vendor Samples is within the $2 to $8 range.

Here are the steps to becoming a vendor:

Step 1: Tell us if you wish to provide Food &/or Alcohol samples.
Step 2: Tell us if you would like to be inside or outside!
Step 3: Contact Debbie Beattie asap at to confirm your interest. Please provide logo and/or graphics by April 18th. $50 deposit due by April 30th.

Please Note: Booth size is 10×10. If you require a larger space, let us know. Additional charge may apply. Vendors will be provided with (1) 8 ft banquet table, table coverings and signage for your table. Vendors must bring own pop-up tents (if required).

Contact Debbie Beattie at for more information, or to request a meeting. We look forward to partnering with you!


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