SPECS for Fairy Door Project

Thank-you for participating in this exciting Fairy Door Project! The search for tiny fairy doors, homes and gardens will give families in Northumberland County an exciting chance to explore their community in a unique way, and we have YOU to thank for that!  Here are some specs to consider when creating your fairy dwelling.

What size do the fairy doors need to be?
A typical fairy door size would be similar to that of a dollhouse door (approximately 6 to 8 inches tall), a fairy window could be 3 inches or so depending on architectural style. So, when thinking of the scale for your dwelling, think in dollhouse scale.

Will any supplies be provided for the fairy doors?
You are welcome to use any supplies that you already have. However, we will also have a selection of doors and building supplies available to you.

Can you show me some examples for reference?
Here are a few examples of the Ann Arbor urban fairy doors and dwellings, and a few more here.  For ideas of simple plaque-mounted styles, click here! If you and your partner want something a little more outdoorsy & garden-inspired, pinterest has some great images for reference.

Can I make a little fairy house, room, or garden instead of a door?
You can do whatever you and your partnered business feel would be best! We would like to see a variety of Fairy Doors, Dwellings, and Gardens using a colourful array of materials, architectural styles, and fairy resourcefulness with ‘borrowed’ objects, giving the young and young at heart a glimpse into these one-of-a-kind magical fairy worlds. Imagine the excitement of peeking through a window and spotting a fairy living room, flower shop, kitchen, or perhaps even a fairy itself.

Will the doors be inside or outside?
This will depend on what you and the business or building owners would prefer. Some outside doors may get weathered or damaged over time, so an inside door would be nice for some locations and will help draw customers into their shops.

For any ‘outside’ doors that are located in a downtown Heritage district, you may also be required to adhere to the historical colour palette when painting your fairy doors! 🙂

When do the doors need to be completed?
We would appreciate if all doors or dwellings could be completed between May 30th – June 6th. This will give us ample time to take photographs for our Tour Maps and promotional materials.

Do I need to install the fairy doors?
We feel that it would be best if the artists installed their fairy doors or dwellings at their partner locations. However, if you are unavailable on the day of installation (Saturday, July 5th), please let us know and we will make arrangements to install for you.

When do the fairy doors need to be installed?
Saturday, July 5th. We would like the doors installed the day prior to the event, so that they are not revealed to the public before the launch day.


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