Fairy Door FAQs

What is a Fairy Door?
A fairy door is a dollhouse sized door that can be found where fairies live. Some doors open to give humans a wee glimpse into the fairy word, while others remain closed and can only be opened by magic.

Why are they popping up in Port Hope and Cobourg?
The Homes and Gardens Committee was inspired by the Ann Arbor, Michigan Urban Fairy Doors, which have been spotted by locals and tourists alike since 1993! Having heard of some sightings of fairy dwellings in Northumberland County, we started to reach out to a local fairy expert, Nichola Battilana, to see where we could spot these Northumberland Fairies, and to see if they would like to have their little dwellings appear for our Tour! We believe that urban fairies are attracted to our beautiful main streets and heritage buildings, and the close proximity to the Ganaraska River and nearby forest and beautiful natural landscapes!

How do I get a Fairy Door of my own?
Send an email to Debbie Beattie, and she will give you some suggestions.  If you are a business and would like to have a Fairy Door for the Tour, click here for details!

How many fairy doors are there? Where are they located?
We are not certain on the number of fairy doors located in Northumberland County, but we have created a walking tour map of the ones that have been spotted in downtown Port Hope and Cobourg. Some are located on the exterior of shops and businesses, while others are inside. Our very own Tour coordinator, has even had fairy dwellings ‘mysteriously appear’ in the baseboard under the stairs in her foyer!

Why don’t the doors open?
Some doors don’t open and we suspect that it’s due to ‘magic.’  Most of us ‘big folk’ lock our doors and only give keys to those we trust, so we imagine fairies have similar but magical locks for their doors, so humans don’t go poking around without permission.

What do fairies eat?
We’re not entirely sure what fairies eat, but having done some internet research on the matter, we discovered that they love candy! Smarties especially.

What are fairy offerings?
Fairy lovers around the world often leave ‘offerings’ or little gifts for the fairies, and leave these gifts on the fairies’ doorsteps.  Some common gifts are pennies, candies, flowers and even little drawings or notes to say hello.

Why can’t we see the fairies?
Again, we think “magic” has something to do with this. They are probably all around us and just using their magic to not be seen.  However, they could also just be really fast and great at hiding!  Perhaps, if we left more offerings of friendship for the fairies, they would let us see them…


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